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Congratulatory Letter



1912 - 2012

Celebrating a centenary of organised Amateur Radio
Under the auspices of the

Wireless Institute of Australia

We, the Queensland Advisory Committee

Mike Charteris VK4QS, Alan Shannon VK4SN, Dr Kevin Johnson VK4UH, & Don Wilschefski VK4BY

of the
Wireless Institute of Australia

Officially invite you, the Radio Amateurs of Australia, to our Centenary.

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The year 2012 heralds the Centenary of the Wireless Institute being established in Queensland, after a meeting organized by Sydney Victor Colville, call sign “XQF”. This predates the formation of the London Wireless Club in 1913, later to become the R.S.G.B, as well as the American Radio Relay League formed in 1914. Much of this recorded history is thanks to the mighty efforts of the late Mr. Alan Shawsmith, VK4SS. Through many interviews with early Queensland Amateurs, came the culmination of Alan’s work with the publishing of his book, “HALCYON DAYS”. It is through this great work that we can step back in time and read about the history of the Amateur Radio movement in Queensland. It is this work that I will quote from throughout this history, thanks to Alan.


During 1910, David James Garland obtained permission to conduct tests before official call signs were issued. The permit was a six page, near-foolscap size document, outlining in detail the equipment to be used and the regulations pertaining to it, dated and signed by the licensee in the presence of an agent of the PMG and witnessed by a J.P. After much testing, Garland managed to send Spark a distance of 30 miles, and is recognised as the State’s FIRST private Wireless Experimenter. David Garland later enlisted and served in the Australian Imperial Force in France during World War One. Post war, he did not return to the Air, but preferred to retain an administrative interest only and served as one of the early Q.W.I. Council members. Two other early active Experimenters were Marcus J. Brims and Andy Couper from Mareeba. In 1914 when official calls were issued, Marcus received “XQA”, the States first ever call sign. This was followed by “XQM”, being issued to Andy Couper.


With the declaration of War in August 1914, all wireless activity ceased. Amateurs closed down their stations and packed them away. Many served in the Great War, from Gallipoli to France & Flanders as Signallers, Wireless Operators, and Infantry. Some who returned did not renew their interest in the hobby, preferring to take up other interests and careers post war.


The Queensland Wireless Institute was formed in Brisbane post World War One, in 1919. It is known hereafter as the QWI and or the WIA Qld Division. An initial meeting to formulate articles and objects etc, for submission to the inaugural meeting was convened by Hon. Secretary/Treasurer Mr Sydney V. Colville, was held on February 29th 1919 at the rooms of the Brisbane Chamber of Manufacturing. Mr. H. Cornwall occupied the chair. The inaugural meeting was held on March 19th 1919 in the rooms of the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce. Their Patron, none other than Professor Hawker B.A., B.E. A.M.I.C.E, Principal of the Queensland University. What has followed over the past 100 Years is now the history we will celebrate over the next 12 months.


To celebrate our Centenary, the Queensland Advisory Committee and the Directors in Queensland have decided on several special events. The main event will indeed be one that all Amateurs in Australia, if not the world can participate, in the form of our Centenary call sign VK100WIQ. The Call Sign will be rostered throughout the Radio Clubs of Queensland in three day blocks. A Special Centenary Certificate will be awarded to those Amateurs who work VK100WIQ by way of 10 different Clubs throughout the period from June 1st through to July 31st 2012. “ONE” Special QSL card will be issued listing each contact “YOU” make with VK100WIQ.  

One of the highlights will indeed be the President’s Centenary Luncheon, on Saturday, July 21st, to be held at the Hervey Bay RSL, Pialba. This is to be followed on Sunday July 22nd with a Free “CENTENARY BBQ”, put on by the Hervey Bay Amateur Radio Club. During both Saturday and Sunday, the members of the Hervey Bay Club will activate VK100WIQ, for contacts will all who wish to listen and call. Special Guests on Air that day will include our National President, Mr. Michael Owen, VK3KI, also WIA Director, Mr. Ewan McLeod, and the Members of the Queensland Advisory Committee. Don’t miss this opportunity to join with Presidents and Club Members from across Queensland. If you would like to attend the Luncheon or the FREE BBQ on Sunday, please contact Mr. Norm Greenaway, VK4NP, President, Hervey Bay Amateur Radio Club, nwg46@bigpond.com

Throughout the year 2012, the Radio Clubs of Queensland will celebrate our Centenary in many different ways, be it in conjunction with annually held Club activities or specialty events they have organised locally. The Centenary will be an excellent opportunity for the Radio Clubs to promote themselves to the local community and for that matter, the Local Government. Amateur Radio under the auspices of the Wireless Institute has given gladly a great deal of good to the community of Queensland over the past 100 Years. Now is the time to celebrate all that is Amateur Radio in Queensland, whether you are a Member of the Wireless Institute or Not.

Letter of Congratulations
from NZART President

Hello Michael

 My sincere congratulations on reaching such a milestone in your amateur radio history.  I regret it is unlikely that I will be able to attend but thank you very much for your kind invitation.

We will be publicising your Special Event Station VK100WIQ to our membership and I am sure many of our members will be very pleased to work the station.

 The information on your centenary activities is going into our two-weekly Infoline, an email bulletin which goes out to all our clubs and also a large number of our members.  Club bulletin editors will take advantage of this information to publish it in their newsletters.  We will also be putting a summary of your planned activity out on our Official Broadcast at the end of this month. 

 I wish you all the very best with your Centenary celebrations.

 Best regards

 Vaughan Henderson ZL1TGC
NZART President

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