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Click the links below to download the most recent edition of QNEWS.
"Right Click" each link, and select "SAVE AS" to be sure the file is saved to a place you want it

http://www.wiaq.org.au/ftp/vk4_qnews_128.mp3 (This is your QNEWS local VK4 area news(HiFi)
http://www.wiaq.org.au/ftp/vk4_qnews_64.mp3 (This is your QNEWS local VK4 area news (SD)

Click the links below to download the most recent edition of National News, BUT this is ONLY the National News backup site!.
http://www.wiaq.org.au/ftp/wianews_128.mp3 (This is the 28 meg size national news file)(HIGH FM quality)
http://www.wiaq.org.au/ftp/wianews_64.mp3 (This is the normal 14 meg size national news file)(FM quality)

http://www.wia.org.au/members/broadcast/wianews/ (This is the link to the original text version and original audio on wia site)

Send AUDIO along with a script to qnews@wia.org.au

Remember the sooner you submit audio material the more the likelihood of it being broadcast in the very next edition QNEWS.
Each item will only be broadcast once, if you want a couple of mentions, please submit different slants to keep your event 'fresh .‘
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